How it works

How It Works is a membership platform that allows creators to run a subscription-based business and connect with their biggest fans. Here's how it works:

  1. Creators sign up and create a profile on They can share details about their work, set up membership tiers, and offer exclusive content and perks to their subscribers.
  2. Fans discover creators on either through search or link shared from creators on other social media platforms and choose to support them by becoming a member. They can choose from different subscription levels.
  3. Creators create and publish content exclusively for their members, including behind-the-scenes access, early access to new projects, and other exclusive experiences.
  4. Members get access to the exclusive content and perks offered by the creators they support. They can also interact with the creators and other members in the creator's community on
  5. Creators receive a recurring revenue stream from their members, which allows them to focus on creating more content and engaging with their fans. provides creators with the tools and support they need to build and grow their business, including payment processing, analytics, and marketing tools. It also offers a range of resources and best practices for creators to succeed on the platform. is a community-driven platform that empowers creators and fans to connect and build meaningful relationships. It's a place for creators to share their work and for fans to support and engage with the creators they love.